Shopping is not the most desirable tourist activity in Tenerife. Mainly because there is nothing that cannot be bought in your country or city, except for some souvenirs.

Visitors need shops mainly to buy groceries or perhaps inexpensive clothes, shoes, or underwear that they forgot or didn't want to take from home.

The closest supermarket to the apartment is MERCADONA.

It is not big, and the assortment is not the largest, but it has everything you need - food, drinks, including alcohol, fruits, vegetables, detergents, toiletries, etc.

There is an underground car park, and if you don't want to walk 500 yards, you can drive there.

Please click on the map for the exact location.

LIDL in Spain is completely different from what you are used to in Britain. It's big, light and clean. And it is within two miles from home.

It has its own bakery, offers a wide range of Spanish and German products, including cheeses, sausages, juices, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, etc. They also sell clothes, toiletries, and household goods, but as you probably know, the assortment changes every week.

Please click on the map for the exact location.

Large shopping mall LA VILLA located next to Autopista, exit 36 (salida 36).

Please check the map carefully (including the street view) to make sure you will not miss the right exits. There is a big underground car park if you are driving. Also, you always can find a taxi there (taxi rank is on the first level, outside, by Burger King).

There is a huge supermarket ALCAMPO inside the mall. It is highly recommended.

ALCAMPO has the widest possible assortment of almost everything you may need - groceries, clothes, lingerie, underwear, shoes, toiletries, household goods, all sorts of electrical appliances, even furniture.

Please click on the map for the exact location of the Los Realejos store.

None of my trip to Tenerife was complete without visiting this store. The
closest is just 300-350 yards away on San Augustin street. But it's actually a network and you'll find EL99 in almost every city on the island.

There's always something you might need - a hat, an extra swimsuit, slippers, a beach towel, or a large beach bag. All this and much more you can find in EL99.

For the location of all stores and for more information, visit their website

Click on the map for the exact location of the Los Realejos branch.